Jj & Aisha Hoping to Adopt
Jj & Aisha Hoping to Adopt
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I am from New York and came from a big family which I sometimes refer to as the UN (United Nations). Growing up, my parents sponsored families from Vietnam and China, hosted foreign exchange students and adopted and fostered many children.  As a child, I didn’t understand why my friends looked at me strangely when I introduced my Asian family members as my brothers and sisters. This was my first example of how true love overrides blood when it comes to parenting. 

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician, but work part time so I am able to see my son grow up. I enjoy helping others and have served several overseas medical missions in the past. My job gives my husband and CJ free health care at home. 😊

After my first joy of being a mom, I enjoy reading, exploring New York City, spending time with family and friends and I absolutely love traveling and engaging in various cultures. 


Jj says: “My wife is smart, fun and has an infectious laugh. She is an amazing mother, chef (even though she may say she doesn’t like to), handywoman, and my lifelong partner”




I was born in Zambia and have lived in various parts of the world but mostly in the US.  I also came from a big loving family and have three sisters and lots of aunties, uncles and cousins. My love for sports stems from my high school athletic career in Rugby. I enjoy experiencing different cultures especially through food, working out and traveling. My career in Real Estate allows me a flexible schedule to pick up and drop off CJ at school as well as spend time with family and friends.


Aisha says: “JJ is an amazing life partner. He’s very intelligent and the king of random facts you would never know. He always leaves a room with 10 new friends and has past that trait onto his son. We work well together and his son adores him.”




I love dinosaurs, elmo and trains. I like playing with my friends especially singing songs like Old McDonald and playing ring around the rosie. In my school, I’ve learned my ABCs, Spanish, baby sign language and I can count to twenty! I can’t wait to become a big brother!

My parents say: “CJ is a very happy, laid back, smart toddler.  He’s very friendly and usually has to greet all of his friends and their parents as soon as he walks into school as well as strangers on the street by saying “Hi neighbor.”